Friday, November 13, 2009

Top 6 Boxes

6. Juice Boxes - Go ahead. Tell me you don't like a nice juice box once in awhile. I feel like they're usually the only things around when I'm super thirsty and then I finish the whole thing in like three seconds.

5. Boxed Lunches - Boxed lunches can be spectacular, especially because you always have such low standards for them. You're thinking, "Oh man, I'm going to have a soggy sandwich, a tiny apple, and maybe a bag of chips." Perhaps, but some of them are REALLY GOOD.

4. The BOX. - You know, the BOX? The now-defunct television station that played allll of the coolest videos when people called in and requested them by number? Ah, yes, those were the days.

3. Gift boxes - Obvi. Presents are awesome, especially when you can unwrap them. That didn't sound dirty, did it?

2. Perfectly-sized boxes - You know, those boxes that are just the right size you need to pack something, or ship something. Even if it's multiple things, it just fits perfectly. It's such a good feeling!

1. Fridge Boxes - They are hands down the BEST to make into a fort, hide in, jump out from, and do whatever else you need to do. You KNOW that once you read that number one was fridge boxes, you thought, "oh man I LOVED playing in boxes!"

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Top 5 Reasons Being a Cat Lady Wouldn't Be All That Bad

5. Think of all of the cat-themed, embroidered pillows and afgans you could have! Plus, think of all of the cheesy, cat-loving signs, bumper stickers and magnets!

4. A cat lady is just a few steps away from being a cat woman. Sexaaay.

3. I can be a part of the "Crazy Cat Ladies Society." No seriously, look at this.
They actively fight cat lady stereotpyes!

2. Having a cat decreases your blood pressure, cholesterol, triglyceride levels, and feelings of loneliness. Imagine what having more than one cat could do...

1. Come on, look at that face. How can you not want 20 more of those????