Thursday, October 29, 2009

(Temporarily) Top 3 Costume Ideas for Lauren and Laura

4. Lumberjack. This can go slutty or backwoods, it's your choice. I like my sister's version.
Jeans or jorts.
Flannel shirt
Mullet (DIY)

3. Star Trek Woman
Two options:
Black pants
solid colored long-sleeved shirt
Closed-toe black shoes
Homemade star trek pin with cardboard, tinfoil and tape
Optional black areas pinned on with paper...
Straight hair

Option 2:
Solid colored short dress
Homemade star trek pin
Straight hair

1. Gangster.
2. Flight Attendant. Necessary Materials:
Dress suit with skirt
Scarf tied at neck Heels Pantyhose (optional, but it's cold.) Slicked back or poofed up hair. Lots of make-up Homemade wings made with cardboard, tin foil and tape.
Necessary materials:
dress suit
nice shirt
(optional, though you could make one out of paper)
Pin stripes (also optional, but you could paint some on a suit you dont want anymore with whiteout).
High Heels.
Gun. use your imagination. lol
Lauren, I know we did this sophomore year, but eh, why not again. You still have the gun and hat?

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