Monday, January 19, 2009

Top 3 Reasons this Guy on the Plane Could Have Succeeded in an Earlier Decade

When I got on my plane from DC to Boston today, I was just excited that I was in economy plus and had extra leg room. Little did I know I was in for a show. There was a German girl who was probably 21 or 22 sitting in front of me and a guy, probably 20 or 21 came and asked if he could sit next to her. It was like he just wandered on a plane to Boston, no big deal. He was dressed all in sweats and had a terrible Boston accent. He immediately started hitting on this girl, asking her SO many questions, including the same one several times. I felt really bad for her because he kept saying, "oh you should just stay with ME in Boston" and shit like that. Then I see him lean over and try to KISS her. I tried to signal the flight attendant to move her or something, but eventually she asked herself.

Then I thought, technically, if this had been like a 1920's romantic movie, he would have done everything right.

Top 3 Reasons why he could have succeeded in the 20's
1. He asked questions - he asked her probably 50 or 60 questions about herself - never talked about himself. It shows he's inquisitive and interested.
2. He was persistent - guys back in the day never gave up, they kept pursuing and eventually the girl realized he was the man she had to marry. Example: Rhett Butler or more recently, Rocky.
3. He tried to kiss her - that's always super romantic when the man just kisses her because he knows that's what he just has to do. And it always worked.

Top 3 Reasons why Nowdays this guy looks like a creeper and a douchebag
1. He asked questions - he just WOULDN'T STOP asking her questions. I mean, really annoying questions. Plus his voice was really annoying.
2. He was persistent - like I said, he wouldn't stop! He didn't notice social cues and all in all looked like a jackass. Again, he also was really annoying.
3. He tried to kiss her - What the fuck? You just don't DO that unless you're almost completely certain that person is feeling it to. His first cue should have been that you're on a fucking airplane, met the girl 10 minutes ago, and you had to lean almost to the aisle seat to kiss her because she was moving away.

This kind of shit just does not fly (pun intended) nowadays. Guys who pursue are almost always creepers.

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