Sunday, May 3, 2009

Top 4 Adam Sandler Co-stars

4. Rob Schnieder -It's too obvious that he's in all of Adam Sandler's movies, which is why he's number 4. Not to mention he plays like obnoxious characters, like the delivery guy from Big Daddy, or his weird friend from 50 First Dates, or that tractor guy from The Waterboy.

3. Peter Dante - Arguably the most attractive of the four, but he also always plays silly roles, like the stupid nurse guy in 50 First Dates, the gay(er) best friend in Big Daddy, and the douchebag groomsman in The Wedding Singer.

2. Steve Buscemi - He is classic. He plays silly roles, but does them well. Like, the homeless guy in Big Daddy, the drunk best man in The Wedding Singer, and Danny McGrath in Billy Madison.

1. Allen Covert - He is by far the best, since he is so hard to recognize in every movie. I had nooo idea he was the limo driver/best friend in The Wedding Singer, Ten-Second Tom in 50 First Dates, Gay Best Friend in Big Daddy AND the homeless golf caddy in Happy Gilmore. He looks so different for all of them.


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