Thursday, June 11, 2009

Top 7 Bonyfish that Look the Most like their Names

Here are top 7 bonyfish that look the most like their names.

7. The hawkfish. Sorry, hawkfish, I'm not really seeing it.

6. The wolf fish. Poor guy. He looks oafish and not that much like a wolf, although his colors are similar.

5. The lizardfish. I bet you thought you'd be number one, lizardfish. Well, guess what, you're not even top three. Yeah you look lizardy, but it's just too easy. Evolutionarily, you're much more closely related to a lizard than old wolfy up there so of course you can look like a lizard. Also I feel bad for the dead fish in your mouth.

4. The peacock fish. I like you, peacock fish. You're pretty and you have those spots like a peacock. Now if you had feathers, I'd be really impressed and much more apt to move you up.

3. The unicorn fish. Obviously, you look like a unicorn. However, you are missing hooves, a mane, a white coat, and your horn should be gold. But props for looking kind of like a mythical creature.

2. Porcupine Fish - You look like a porcupine and I feel really bad for you that you can't have hugs. Unless you hug other porcupine fish, if it works that way.

1. The parrot fish. Look at you, parrotfish. You do like quite like a parrot! You have the color, the eyes, and it looks like you have a beak. Well done, parrotfish, well done.

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