Thursday, June 25, 2009

7 Best French Fries

7. KFC - They have fries?

6. Wendy's - It's not often that I just plain don't like fries. Wendy's just doesn't do it for me. They're unpredictable on their squishy and crispy ratio, they can be waaayy too salty, they're usually cold, and they just don't taste good. Poo, Wendy's. I like your chicken nuggets.

5. Steak N Shake - They're good, but they're just so TINY. I don't feel like I'm eating fries at all. I feel like I need to be dainty because they're so delicate. It's just not how a fry should be.

4. Burger King - In my personal experience, they have a very high ratio of crispy to squishy fries, which I do not particularly enjoy. However, I do like that once you get past their crispy exterior, the inside of the fry is quite squishy and delish.

3. Chick fil a - Not only do they taste delicious, but I get to eat them by row by row in their waffly goodness. Sometimes, if I'm feeling crazy, I might even dip them in polynesian or honey mustard!!!! Madness!

2. McDonalds - I mostly love these because they have the highest ratio of squishy fries to crispy fries. I love squishy fries.

1. Five Guys - Deliciously greasy, steaming hot, and overflowing into that brown paper bag, I just cannot resist these babies. Oooo look at all those squishy ones!

Realization: I need to start eating healthier.

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