Friday, January 1, 2010

Top 5 Alcoholic Beverages that Contributed to my Massive New Year's Hangover

5. Bud Light. Ugh. Last drink of the night - what a bad, bad, idea. I think I unnecessarily chugged my own, plus the rest of Camille's. No, Bud Light, it's NOT "always worth it."
4. Blue Moon. I think I had at least two of these babies before midnight. If only I had left it at that.

3 and 2. Brandy and Triple Sec. Dammit Doug and his holiday punch. I had NO idea that there was so much liquor in the punch and combined with the fact that he made sure my glass was NEVER empty, I feel as though they're mostly responsible for my current state.

1. Champagne (for my real friends). I should have known better than to allow myself to have so much champagne in so many different forms. It was in the punch, plus we had to finish off the "Bubbly Bitch" pink champagne, plus I had several little shots of it around midnight. I blame the champagne for hiding other alcohol and for fucking me up in general.

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