Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Top 7 Favorite Handprints at Grauman's Chinese Theatre

7. Nicolas Cage - I think it's fairly obvious he was my least favorite.

6. Humphrey Bogart - "Sid, May you never die till I kill you." Keepin' it classy, Bogart.
5. Shirley Temple - She was 7 years old when she did this, but her feet are the size of a three year olds'.

4. Robert Downey Jr. - Just because I <3 him.

3. Whoopi Goldberg - The marks in the bottom left are her dreds - ballsy, Whoopi!
2. Clint Eastwood - Getting my handprints at Grauman's Chinese Theatre would have made my day, too.
1. Leonard Nemoy - I love that he could do the "live long and prosper" thing.

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