Thursday, July 23, 2009

My personal Top 5 Psychodynamic and Humanistic Theories on Hitler

Seriously, could I have any more random topics in this thing?

5. As a child in the Phallic stage, he was attracted to his mother and when he was rejected, tried to model his abusive and distant father.

4. Because his mom lost so many babies before him, she overindulged him. He never fully developed an ego, which controls natural impulses. This means he also never developed a superego, which is the sense of right and wrong.

3. He has unresolved trust issues with authority because of his dad, which meant he could never stand having someone have authority over him.

2. He had no "unconditional positive regard" so he viewed himself as "bad" and acted as such.

1. His basic needs were sporadically met. Sometimes he didn't have food or shelter. He almost never had a sense of love and belongingness that is required to have self-esteem. Germany was his false sense of belongingness and self-esteem.

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