Monday, July 20, 2009

Top 8 Roads if they were named after Phrases, not Words

8.)"All good things must come to an end" Street. - It's obviously a dead end.

7.) "Out on the town" Road - Main Street

6.) "The early bird gets the worm" Highway - take that one to work and see how it goes if you don't wake up early.

5.) "Go the extra mile" Parkway - Finally, a road that inspires.

4.) "Haste makes Waste" Avenue - High history of speeding.

3.) "Pedal to the Medal" Lane - I don't think I'd want to drive here.

2.) "Where there's a will there's a" Way - If you really want to get through this street, you can.

1.) "It's hip to be a square" Circle - That's just amusing.

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