Thursday, July 16, 2009

Top 7 Weasley's - a Harry Potter Tribute

The Weasley family is without a doubt a major (hor)crux of the Harry Potter series. Unfortunately, some Weasley's are better than others.

7. Percy. Ugh. Percy, you suck. I don't give an owl's hoot that you were Junior Assistant to the Minister of Magic - you are just an asshole.

6. Bill. I don't like your wifey, but my, you are attractive!

5. Charlie. You're pretty cool. You were prefect, Quidditch captain, and an overall legendary Seeker. Plus you helped the Order. The only thing is that you "prefer dragons to women." JK's words, not mine.

4. Ginny. I suppose if you're good enough for Harry, you good enough for me. Props for hittin that.

3. Ron. He just gets cuter and cuter. Plus, how can anyone not love the unbelievable tension between Ron and Hermione??? It's so cute. And he's so funny!

1. The Twins: Fred and George. My favorite favorite favorites!!!! They're HILARIOUS. I wish they were in the movies more so I could see more of their crazy shenanigans.

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